Peterborough police seize car after driver holding smoke bombs seen leaving a trail of ‘yellow chaos’ in city centre

Police seized a car in Peterborough city centre last night after the driver was seen leaving a trail of smoke behind him - as he held smoke bombs out the window.

Thursday, 20th May 2021, 9:49 am

Officers were on duty in the city centre at 10.30pm last night when they spotted the trail of smoke being left by the uninsured driver.

After pulling the driver over, officers seized the car.

In a social media post, a Peterborough police spokesman said: “It was 10.30pm and officers were patrolling the quiet City Centre, when all of a sudden everything around them vanished into smoke.

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The seized car

“Struggling to see and with the smoke coming through the vents, the officers managed to catch a glimpse of a hand...

“This hand was no ordinary was sticking out of the drivers window of this vehicle holding a smoke bomb, causing a yellow trail of chaos in front of the police vehicle as they drove.

“It seemed that the driver really wanted to alert any nearby police that he was driving without insurance... 1x Car and 2x Smoke Bombs seized.”