Peterborough councillor calls for action after vandalism spree

A Peterborough councillor has called for the community to work together and the police to take action after a recent spate of anti-social behaviour.

By Ben Jones
Monday, 6th December 2021, 6:06 am
Vandals have been smashing windows in Stanground.
Vandals have been smashing windows in Stanground.

Stanground South ward councillor Cllr Chris Harper has urged members of the community across the ward, in Fletton, Oakdale, Park Farm, Cardea and Southfields Avenue, to report any incidents of anti-social behaviour to both the police and himself to help build up a picture of the situation.

Over the past few weeks, the area has been hit by a spate of anti-social behaviour which includes donkey kicking doors and running away, windows being smashed as well as eggs being thrown at windows and cars.

One resident said: “This is making people frightened to be in their homes. It is just not right.”

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Vandals have been smashing windows in Stanground.

Another said: “My neighbour and I had a window broken. It is very frightening and I now have to pay for a new one. However, these yobs are still out there doing the same thing and it could happen again.

“The police closed my case as it wasn’t related to other crimes. It’s so frustrating. If we don’t stamp this out now, someone is going to get hurt.

It has been reported that these acts are being carried out by a “group of youngsters on bicycles” after dark.

Cllr Harper said: “What seems to link the group is that they are regularly seen to make their way back into Cardea via the Oakdale play area, so it is fair to assume that this is where they primarily meet and hang out.

Vandals have been smashing windows in Stanground.

“Elderly and frail residents homes have been among those targeted with their windows being shattered with stones and golf balls, and broken eggs have be found all over.

“Some of the incidents have been reported to the police and there are clearly links between them which I will be taking up with them direct, but in the meantime, please ensure all cases of ASB and criminal damage are reported to the police on 101 so as they can build up a picture and please be sure to let me know too along with any information and/or names and addresses of those responsible by DM and I will pass them on in confidence.

“It is vital we work together as a community across the wards, stand up to these idiots and stamp this out. Please help me to help you.

“I now have eight incident numbers, pictures, CCTV video and names and home addresses of those identified as being involved with the recent spate of ASB and criminal damage in the area and as promised, I have approached the Sector Inspector and Sergeant and appealed for tough action in order to stamp this out by way of prosecution or behaviour/banning orders.

“It is only by working together as a community, that we are closing the net on those responsible.

“Please keep reporting any incidents each and every time to the police either on 101 or via their on-line reporting facility and forward me the reference numbers.”

Police have responded to reports of anti-social behaviour in the area by conducting patrols in both the Stanground and Hampton area as well as carrying out home visits and engaging with youths in these areas.

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesperson said: “Neighbourhood Policing Team South have been busy conducting patrols in the Stanground and Hampton area, doing home visits and engaging with youths in areas of high anti-social behaviour (ASB).

“We have responded to concerns raised about weapons being carried on regular occasions and our Neighbourhood Support Team (NST) located several knives.

“Amongst responding to calls for service our officers also conducted 5 stop-searches of males who were located in Hampton smoking cannabis in communal areas of a block of flats.

“Our team can’t be everywhere but with your eyes and ears we can focus our time to be in those areas which give our communities the biggest problems.

“To report any concerns in your community visit”

Cllr Harper has welcomed the news but has stressed the importance of seeing justice done and this kind of behaviour stamped out.

He added: “It is good news that residents’ complaints appear to be being taken seriously by the police but the proof of the pudding will be when we see justice being served and this ASB stamped out.

“Please keep reporting all incidents to the police on 101 or using the on-line reporting facility, and let me know so as I can keep the pressure on.”