Erenik Seremi

Peterborough cannabis farmer jailed after drugs worth £100,000 found

A cannabis farmer was found in a Peterborough house with more than 120 plants potentially worth more than £100,000.

Monday, 26th April 2021, 3:37 pm

Officers carried out a warrant at the house in Benland, Bretton, at just after 9.30am on 3 March and, after forcing entry, found Erenik Seremi, 30, inside.

They discovered 122 cannabis plants, 50 of which had not yet reached full maturity, with a street value of up to £102,480.

The lounge and dining area had been converted into a growing room, as had the two bedrooms. The kitchen had been set up to include a bedroom area. The electricity supply had been tampered with, allowing the power to be free.

Seremi was arrested on suspicion of producing cannabis and abstracting electricity and, despite answering “no comment” to all questions in interview, he pleaded guilty to both charges at Peterborough Crown Court on 13 April.

Seremi, of no fixed address, was sentenced at the same court today (26 April) where he was handed one year and four months in prison.

DC Melanie Mathieson, who investigated, said: “This successful warrant allowed us to seize a large amount of class B drugs and stop them from being sold on the streets.

“However, we can’t be everywhere and we rely on people in our communities being our eyes and ears. If you think something doesn’t seem quite right, it more than likely isn’t.

“We would encourage people to look out for signs of illegal cannabis factories in their communities. Signs could include blacked out windows, people coming and going at various times of the day and noticing a distinctive ‘hum’ noise from the fans and ventilation if living nearby.”

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