Peterborough 17-year-old wore black mask to rob victims in city streets

‘These were nasty, despicable attacks where innocent members of the public were set upon’

By Stephen Briggs
Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 10:56 am

A teenage boy wore a black plastic mask to rob his victims in Peterborough city centre, a court has heard

The 17-year-old from Peterborough, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted being involved in four robberies and an assault in Peterborough in June and October last year.

On 30 June, the first victim – a 19-year-old man – was cycling over the A47 footbridge on Fulbridge Road at about 4.30pm when he was approached from behind by the boy and two others, two of them wearing “intimidating” black plastic masks and one wearing a balaclava.

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Court news

The 17-year-old punched the victim in the face, knocking the man’s glasses off, before the group made off with the bike.

Two hours later, the boys targeted a three youngsters in Henry Penn Walk.

All with their faces covered with masks, the boys approached the group as they sat listening to music. One of them tried to take an e-scooter and shouted “get the shivs out the bush” to the others, as the victim tried to take hold of it.

Fearing the boys had hidden weapons in the bush, the victim handed over his scooter and the group made off.

The 17-year-old pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery and appeared at Huntingdon Youth Court on Wednesday, 1 June, where he was sentenced to a 12-month youth rehabilitation order consisting of him being made to wear an electronic tag, having a curfew between 9pm and 7am for the next three months and must reside at a specified address in Norwich.

He must also carry out 40 hours of unpaid work, pay £20 compensation to each victim, not enter Peterborough for the next six months, nor contact 12 named people.

A second 17-year-old boy also admitted two counts of robbery and was handed a 12-month youth referral order.

He was also ordered to pay £50 compensation to each victim.

Months later, on 18 October, the first 17-year-old boy was again involved with a group of people who robbed a 14-year-old boy of his e-scooter in Bourges Boulevard.

The victim was pushed to the ground and had what he thought was a gun pointed at him, before the group made off for their next victims in Cathedral Square.

They came across two boys, aged 16 and 17, who were sat on the steps at the Guild Hall and began taunting them by shouting abuse before they stole one of the boys’ wallets and portable speakers.

The 17-year-old boy admitted two further counts of robbery, assault and being in possession of an imitation firearm. He was sentenced for these offences alongside the June robberies, with the addition of £50 compensation to be paid to each of the victims.

Jordan Opokubaah, 18, of Fulbridge Road, Peterborough, admitted the same offences. He appeared in court in January and was handed a six-month detention and training order.

A 16-year-old boy also admitted the same offences, as well as being in possession of a knife. In February this year he was sentenced to a12-month youth referral order and ordered to pay £60 compensation to each victim.

Detective Constable George Corney, who investigated, said: “These were nasty, despicable attacks where innocent members of the public were set upon by these gangs, some of whom were punched, kicked, and robbed, and in one case, pointed at with a realistic-looking firearm.”