Mum of murdered Peterborough man says he would have been ‘an amazing dad’ in emotional statement as his killer is given life sentence

The mum of a Peterborough man has said he would have been an ‘amazing dad’ as his killer was given a life sentence.

Thursday, 12th August 2021, 4:19 pm

Nicky Bonner (30) was stabbed to death on January 5 this year by Tyler Smith in Peterborough.

Today (Thursday) Smith was given a life sentence, and told he would serve a minimum of 21 years behind bars, after he was found guilty of murder earlier this week.

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Nicky Bonner

In court, an emotional statement from Nicky’s mum, Leigh, was read out, where she said the loss of her son had left a devastating impact on all those who loved him.

She was unable to read the statement herself, as she was too emotional.

She said; “I’d like to tell you a bit about Nicky. He was a beautiful baby, so happy and content, a real sweetie. He used to save his pocket money to buy me little gifts and send me sweet little letters.

“Even as a young child he was a natural with smaller children and when his younger brother Reece was born he would carry him around everywhere, Nicky didn’t like to be away from Reece and would have taken him to nursery with him if he could.

“Nicky always wanted to be a Dad and he would have made an amazing father. In May this year Nicky’s girlfriend Nisha gave birth to his beautiful baby daughter. A daughter he will never meet because of a split moment of evilness and a little girl that will grow up never knowing what a wonderful Daddy she has.

“I can’t explain to you what it does to you as a mum to watch your child being lowered into the ground, it is the most heart-breaking disturbing feeling imaginable.

“For me to lose my child, my friend, my sparing partner I know that nothing in my life will ever be the same again. Nicky touched so many lives, a son, brother, grandson, friend, nephew, cousin, I cannot find the right words for the gap he will leave in so many lives.

“I would have swapped places in a heartbeat so he didn’t have to go through that fear of his last few moments, it kills me to think about it.

“I have tried to come to court and listen to what happened. To be in the same room as the person who caused so much pain was too much for me. Some days the court arranged for me to watch from another room but even then, hearing the details of Nicky’s death was unbearable.

“Nicky is so loved that there was always friends and family in the court. As soon as I heard the verdict I went to Nicky’s resting place, where I spend a lot of time, to tell him. I hope he can now rest in peace.

“He was so loved and that can never be taken away from us ever. Thank you, Leigh.”