Jail for man who assaulted brother with metal pole

“Clements’s behaviour on that evening was appalling and his brother’s injuries could have been even worse.”

By Stephen Briggs
Thursday, 4th August 2022, 10:02 am

A man who used a metal pole to attack his own brother, threatening to kill him has been jailed for six years.

Jonathan Clements, 52, used the pole to hit his older sibling after they had become embroiled in a dispute over a property.

His brother suffered ‘serious’ head injuries as a result of the attack.Now police have welcomed a six year jail sentence handed to Clements.

Jonathan Clements

Cambridge Crown Court heard how police officers had been called to a house in Wisbech owned by the pairs father on November 7 last year at about 6pm after someone had expressed concern for Clements’s welfare.After forcing entry, they found no one inside so re-secured the property and gave the new keys to the victim, who arrived at the house and then left.

However, Clements returned and was unable to get inside so called his brother.

When the pair met at the house, Clements became aggressive and suggested it was the victim’s fault he had been stopped by the police the previous week.

As the victim walked towards the property, he turned around and saw Clements with a metal pole in his hand which he used to hit him on the head three times. He fell to the ground and was hit again on the arm and hand as he tried to protect himself.

Clements shouted he was going to kill him as he lashed out with the pole.

The victim managed to escape to a neighbour’s house and was taken to hospital with a serious but not life-threatening head injury.

Clements was arrested at the scene.

Yesterday, Clements, of Colvile Road, Wisbech, was sentenced to six years in prison, with a further four on licence, at Cambridge Crown Court after being found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

He was also given an indefinite restraining order.

Detective Constable Jon Edwards, who investigated, said: “Clements’s behaviour on that evening was appalling and his brother’s injuries could have been even worse.

“I am pleased he will now have time to reflect on his actions behind bars.”