Jail for man found drunk and disorderly in Peterborough after court order prohibited him from public drinking and banned him from Whittlesey

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A man who was banned from being drunk in a public place in Peterborough and banned from Whittlesey town centre has been sentenced to 10 weeks in prison after breaching his criminal behaviour order (CBO).

Mark Barnes, of no fixed abode, was issued with the CBO in 2016 after six months of alcohol-related anti-social behaviour, particularly in the area of Falcon Lane, Whittlesey, which left residents in fear of him and frightened for their own safety.

Mark Barnes arriving at court previously. Photo: Terry Harris

Mark Barnes arriving at court previously. Photo: Terry Harris

The 45 year old was ordered not to enter Whittlesey town centre or Falcon Lane, Whittlesey and not to have an open vessel of alcohol in a public place or be drunk in a public place.

However, Barnes was back before the courts yesterday (Tuesday, October 30) for breaching the order.

Cambridge Magistrates’ Court heard how, at 1.50pm on 29 October this year, Barnes was seen to be drunk outside Domino’s Pizza, in Bridge Street, Peterborough.

He was spotted shouting, swearing and being threatening to members of the public.

JAILED: Mark Barnes

JAILED: Mark Barnes

CCTV from Peterborough City Council CCTV captured him holding an open alcohol container.

An officer arrived on scene and noticed that Barnes was very drunk and was slurring his words.

He also kept rolling onto his back and was struggling to sit up. Barnes could not stand up without help and was consequently arrested for breaching his CBO.

At the same court on Tuesday, Barnes pleaded guilty to breaching the order imposed on him and was sentenced to 10 weeks in prison.