‘Child will be killed by boy racers’ says Peterborough councillor

There have been calls for action to be taken against boy racers who are making residents’ lives a misery in Peterborough - before someone is killed.

Friday, 3rd July 2020, 3:49 pm
Tyre marks on roads in Peterborough

Orton Waterville councillor Julie Howell said there had been severe issues with anti-social driving in the area in the past - but during lockdown the problems were worse.

She said: “During lockdown, a menace that had previously been restricted to a local industrial estate is now on public roads. Speeding, racing and performing stunts around roundabout (such as ‘drifting’) have been seen at early as 8pm almost every evening in Orton. Orton Parkway and Oundle Road have been badly affected.

“A vixen and her cub crossing Oundle Road were hit – the cub was killed instantly. There has been an increase in animal fatalities along these roads. How long until this is a child?

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“The council and the police are now working together to put measures in place to prevent these activities and to apprehend those using public roads in such a reckless and dangerous way. Some of these measures could involve physical barriers to prevent cars from entering the areas where there have been problems. Other measure will assist in the identification of drivers involved in these crimes.

“I’ve been working to stop this for the past four years – it now feels like a race against time before someone is killed.”

In previous years police have put dispersal orders in place when there have been known planned meetings between the anti-social drivers.

Now they are working with members of the modified car community - most of whom stick to the rules - to clamp down on those putting lives in danger.

A police spokesperson said: “We are aware of issues surrounding anti-social driving, including racing and speeding, in Peterborough.

“In response, the local neighbourhood policing team has engaged with some organisers involved in the modified car scene to help educate and inform them on how to manage the issue.

“In addition, we are working closely with local councillors, particularly in the south of the city, to discuss physical measures than can be put in place to help reduce the opportunity of such anti-social behaviour.

“We are also working hard to gain statements and intelligence around individual issues when they occur so that action can be taken at the earliest opportunity. As part of this, work is also being done to implement public space protection orders, where necessary, to enable both police and the council to take action when there is evidence of anti-social behaviour taking place.

“We understand the concerns from local residents and we ask the public to continue to report any information they have about anti-social behaviour to us, specifically any descriptions and registration plates of the vehicles involved and descriptions of those driving.

“The more information we have, the better picture we can build and the more efficient we can be at targeting those responsible. Anyone who experiences anti-social behaviour similar to the above is urged to report this online via www.cambs.police.uk/report or by calling 101.”