Cambridgeshire woman faces Christmas behind bars after she was caught FIVE times over drink drive limit

A woman is facing Christmas in jail after she was caught a remarkable five times the drink-drive limit.

Friday, 15th November 2019, 2:38 pm

Teeda Sims’ experienced solicitor believes it was the highest reading she had ever come across.

Magistrates in King’s Lynn on Thursday heard that Sims’ Toyota Rav4 was all over both carriageways of the road between Friday Bridge and Upwell and ran on to the verge more than once.

She was so sozzled that she didn’t notice another motorist pull alongside her after she briefly came to a stop.

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She was five times over the limit
She was five times over the limit

Prosecutor Emma Wright told the bench that the witness spotted Sims at about 5pm on July 30. She said: “He was following the defendant’s car which he describes as being all over the road, going into the verge and into the opposite carriageway.

“When the defendant stopped, he pulled alongside her to see if she was all right. She didn’t seem to know he was there and didn’t respond. She drove off and went into a dyke and out again, eventually stopping at The Five Bells.”

After her arrest, Sims blew 178 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath; the legal limit being 35. She later gave a no comment interview.

Sims (30), of Long Drove, Coldham, pleaded guilty to drink-driving in New Road, Upwell. The court was told that she had a previous drink-drive offence in October 2009 so this second conviction came within the ten-year period which triggers a mandatory minimum three-year ban.

In mitigation, solicitor Ruth Johnson said Sims had been “unaware and shocked” at court at just how high the reading was – and it was a suspected record for Miss Johnson.

“I don’t believe we have had a reading as high as 178,” she said. “She has little or no recollection of that evening. She did remember she had been drinking the evening before.”

Sims worked night shifts and believed she was on her way to work.

“Miss Sims recognised that she was drinking too much,” said Miss Johnson, who added that her client was a single woman with no children. “She was occupying her days by doing very little but drinking alcohol. Since then she has dramatically reduced her intake.

“She’s described this as something of a wake-up call.”

The court heard that Sims did a lot of work for charity and was a driver for an animal-based organisation.

Miss Johnson acknowledged that the very high reading pointed towards custody but urged the bench to consider a suspended sentence.

Sentencing was adjourned to next month for a report to be prepared. Sims was given an interim driving ban and granted unconditional bail.