Cambridgeshire police given nearly half a million pounds to tackle violence against women and girls

Cambridgeshire police has been given nearly £500,000 to be used to tackle violence against women and girls.

Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 11:30 am

The £471,000 funding will go towards local projects aimed at increasing the safety of public spaces for all, but with a particular focus on women and girls, as crimes which take place in public places such as sexual harassment, disproportionately affect women.

The force has created a selection of innovative plans to increase the safety of public spaces, including projects which emphasise changing attitudes and behaviours in local communities.

These plans will culminate in associated interventions to make people feel safer walking alone and encourage behaviours to reduce danger, and perceived danger, on the streets of Cambridgeshire.

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Cambridgeshire Police

Superintendent Kate Anderson, who submitted the bid on behalf of the force, said: “Everyone has the right to walk down the street and feel safe, without fear of harassment or violence.

“I am pleased that as a partnership we have been able to secure this funding to prevent crime, and to identify and hold to account those people who ignore the law.”

Chief Constable Nick Dean said: “I am so pleased with the announcement that Cambridgeshire is set to receive additional funding to tackle violence on our streets, in particular against women and girls.

“The money will be used to implement several strategies, all with the main aim of making our communities a safer place to be for all. The initiatives are designed to have a long-lasting effect on preventing crime and improving the lives of our residents.”

Police and Crime Commissioner, Darryl Preston, said: “I very much welcome this funding to tackle violence against women and girls. This is a key priority for government and it is a key priority for me.

“Some of this money will be used to tackle predators so we can stop and prevent these abhorrent crimes and keep women and girls safe.

“This is great news for our county and brings the total amount of funding from the three rounds of the government’s Safer Streets fund to just under £1.5 million.”