Anger as residents have to foot bill after car tyres slashed across Peterborough this week

Residents in Peterborough have been left angry and upset after being forced to foot the bill for new tyres after a spate of vandalism overnight on Thursday (April 8).

Friday, 9th April 2021, 11:09 am

Police believe that more than 100 cars were affected across Dogsthorpe, Paston and Welland when a vandal(s) slashed tyres overnight.

Streets that are known to have been targeted include Harebell Close, Crabtree Avenue, Furze Ride and Ulverston Close.

Some residents also reported having their car doors or even front doors damaged with a blowtorch.

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Damage done to cars and property in Dogsthorpe last night.

This left many in a very difficult position yesterday morning, having to find the money pay out for a new set of tyres.

One resident the Peterborough Telegraph spoke to said: “I just couldn’t believe it when I saw. Both of my tyres on the left side of the car had been let down, so it seems like they were just casually walking down the street letting down the tyres closest to them. I thought it was just my own at first but I soon looked around the street and noticed the same had happened to other people.

“I spoke to several neighbours and the feeling is a mix of anger and devastation, why would someone do this at a time like this? I need the car to get to work and support my family, so I had no choice but to get it repaired straight away, even though it cost me over £100.”

Another added: “I am a single parent and £170 is an enormous cost for me, especially right now. I nearly burst into tears when I saw someone had done this.

Damage done to cars and property in Dogsthorpe last night.

“I really hope the police can find who did this, and they realise what they have put people through. I spent the day looking around places they let you pay over a period of time which is helpful, but the whole still thing is still such a big inconvenience and a struggle.”

Help has been at hand for some residents though. Peterborough MP Paul Bristow visited both Harebell Close and Crabtree Avenue yesterday to speak to some of the victims and link them up with local garages, as well as speaking to housing associations to see how they can support people who have had their property damaged.

In a video posted to his Twitter account (@paulbristow79), he encouraged people who were in need of help to call him on 01733343190 or to email him at [email protected]

Some local council candidates also spent the day in Dogsthorpe helping residents to change tyres, with one resident commenting: “I didn’t know what I was going to do and if it wasn’t for them I would still have slashed tyres, They have helped so many of us and are still out asking others if they need help. They have lifted a weight off my shoulders. Thank you!”

Damage done to cars and property in Dogsthorpe last night.

A JustGiving page has also been started on the CoronaHeroes Facebook group in the hope of raising £1000 to help the victims. To donate to the fundraiser, visit

Police are yet to confirm whether an arrest has been made but have urged victims to report what has happened on the force website - - or by calling 101 quoting incident 56 of 8 April.

Anyone with CCTV footage or further information about the incident has also been asked to contact police.