Conservatorycreating miseryfor neighbour

A neighbour says his life has been made 'a misery' after a conservatory was built right next to his home.

Tuesday, 31st May 2016, 7:00 am
Tahir Javed of Bourges Boulevard having problems with his neighbour's conservatory EMN-160513-191524009

Tahir Javed, of Bourges Boulevard, said he is “gutted” by the extension and claimed his fence had been knocked down for it to be built.

He said: “I’ll be honest, I was in tears. It’s a misery. You do not expect this from your neighbours treating us like this.

“I open the back door and it’s in front of me. Smells from the kitchen will come into my house. I won’t be able to open my windows. I’m really gutted.”

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A council spokeswoman said: “We wrote to the resident on 4 April informing that they needed planning permission for the conservatory being erected at their property and gave a one month deadline for this application to be made.

“That month has now elapsed and, as we have not received a planning application, we are gathering evidence to be able to take enforcement action.”

The Peterborough Telegraph spoke to a person who would not give his name, but said he was a relative of the person who owned the house where the extension is taking place.

He denied that a fence was knocked down, saying: “If I do need planning permission for it I will apply for it and I’m pretty sure I will get it.”

Referring to the council planning officer who was involved in the dispute, he said: “I’m taking this matter to the court because he disclosed to you a private matter. He’s not sent any notice to me.

“They should have spoken to the owner and not anybody else.”

The council declined to respond to the legal threat made against it. It’s enforcement powers include demolishing the conservatory or making it suitable so it could receive planning permission.