Alfie is a gorgeous young boy who is looking for loving family. He came from another animal centre and is now desperate to find a new permanant home after spending such a long period of time in a kennel environment. Alfie is a big goofball who loves having a mad five minutes and ending up squished under your arm for a cuddle. He is very intelligent and knows a vast amount of commands which he is happy to show you for a good treat or some peanut butter. Alfie walks nicely on lead but can get a little anxious walking past unknown dogs and will mouth his lead. We believe this behaviour is frustration and once he is off site he is much calmer. We have managed to mix him with other dogs here at the centre and with slow and gradual introductions, he enjoys a good rough and tumble. Alfie can get a little restless and doesn't like to be confined to one small area. He can find it quite hard to settle when he is left by himself and resorts to crying and trying to get out.

11 dogs close to Peterborough that are in need of a new home

Here are eleven dogs in and around the Peterborough area that are looking for a new home.

Sunday, 26th December 2021, 4:59 am

The Peterborough Telegraph is running regular spotlights on cats that need new homes to support the work of animal charities in the Peterborough area.

The Peterborough and District Branch of the RSPCA do so much to rescue, nurture and subsequently rehome all kinds of pets in the area. They have continued to operate throughout lockdown and within a small radius are still permitted to rehome these animals.

Below are a selection of those that have been rescued and are in need of their forever home.

To find more details on each cat and to search for more rescue animals, visit

The RSPCA are funded entirely by public donations and receive no government money and therefore rely on the generosity of the public. Anyone wishing to support their work do so via

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