Peterborough mosques open their doors so all can explore 'Great British institution' this weekend

Two Peterborough mosques will open its doors to all this weekend as part of a nationwide Visit My Mosque day aimed at tackling prejudice around Muslims and Islam.

The event, organised by the Muslim Council of Britain, will see more than 150 mosques across country opened to the public so that “neighbours” can “visit and explore this Great British institution.”

Thousands of people are expected to visit participating mosques in the third annual ‘Visit My Mosque’ Day on Sunday.

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Mosques across the UK will be sharing tea and biscuits, alongside an insight into the day-to-day goings on of a busy Muslim centre of worship including the Masjid Khadijah & Islamic Centre in Cromwell Road, which will open 2pm to 8pm, and the Husaini Islamic Centre in Burton Road, which will open from 1pm to 4pm.

Visit My Mosque Day aims to provide a platform for Muslims to reach out to fellow Britons and explain their faith and community beyond the negativity.

Visitors are encouraged to ask questions they may have about Muslims or the general faith of Islam. This year’s Visit My Mosque Day will showcase how mosques are great British institutions.

Last year it was estimated that British Muslims gave approximately £100 million to charitable causes during the holy month of Ramadan: that’s approximately £38 a second.

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Harun Khan, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said, “As the world recoils at President Trump’s so called ‘Muslim Ban’ and now the mass killing at a mosque in Canada, #VisitMyMosque is a much needed antidote to the poisonous atmosphere we find ourselves in.

“This Sunday 5 February, the British public, Muslim and non-Muslim have an opportunity to come together and renew bonds of friendship.”

He continued, “Visit My Mosque Day is our chance to welcome fellow Britons to our diverse community. In previous years we were moved by how the great British public has taken part in the day, some travelling dozens of miles to find their local mosques, and the level of enthusiasm in the number of mosques who have invited their neighbours to share in the experience has increased each year. Now its third year, we hope that Visit My Mosque Day becomes a great British institution for years to come.”

Visit My Mosque is open to men, women and children of all ages. Anyone can search for their nearest participating mosque at

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