Salamis Taverna - Greek dining in Peterborough city centre offers taste of summer

Holidays on foreign shores might be a non-starter again this summer for the majority – so our restaurant visit this week gave a taste of what we will be missing.

Saturday, 19th June 2021, 4:59 am
Brad Barnes dines at  Salamis Taverna, Broadway, Peterborough
Brad Barnes dines at Salamis Taverna, Broadway, Peterborough

There was no lapping of waves on the sand but the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and we were greeted by wonderful aromas and the unmistakable sound of Greek music.

No, this wasn’t Cyprus, this was Broadway in Peterborough city centre; Salamis Taverna to be precise.

It is a Greek restaurant that has been a feature on Broadway for more than two decades, but it has – as lockdown came to an end – undergone a bit of a revamp.

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Brad Barnes dines at Salamis Taverna, in Broadway, Petgerborough

And if truth be told it benefits from it immensely.

The predominately white interior (for years it used to be quite dark) really feels more welcoming.

And with a touch of blue – a nod to the colours of the Greek flag – it also adds a Mediterranean feel.

Throw in the smells from cooking in the kitchen, the chatter (it was pretty busy even at 6pm) and the music and there was a nice atmosphere – perfect for dining out.

Brad Barnes dines at Salamis Taverna, in Broadway, Petgerborough

Now while the look has changed somewhat, word is the food standard – upon which it has built its reputation – has remained the same. And ultimately that is what we are there for.

If you have been on holiday to Greece there is plenty on the menu that will remind you of of happy times. Starters include taramasalata, calamari, dolmades and fried haloumi.

And amongst the mains: kleftiko, stifado, moussaka and soluvlaki.

A basket of pitta bread with a variety of dips and some melon chunks and calamari were just made for sharing .

Brad Barnes dines at Salamis Taverna, Broadway, Peterborough

The houmous and tsatsiki (cucumber, garlic, and mint mixed with thick Greek yogurt) were excellent, the latter particularly cooling and cleansing accompanying the main course.

There was rice aplenty with the mains – again shared.

Everything about the salmon fillet grilled in garlic butter was sensational. A good size portion and great flavour.

The “large” Greek salad lived up to expectations, too. Loads of fresh, crisp lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and onion, with olives and chunks of feta cheese with a lovely dressing. Just great on a warm day.

I went with one of the Greek “specialities” and was more than happy with the keftedes.

The meat balls had a nice consistency, with a subtle hint of herbs and there were plenty of them.

They came in the chef’s own sweet tomato sauce and my only complaint would be I would have liked more of it – especially as I had plenty of pitta bread and a side order of home-made chips going spare to mop it up.

Service was friendly too.

No Greek tragedy here, that is for sure.

Brad Barnes dines at Salamis Taverna, Broadway, Peterborough. Rating: 8/10