Peterborough chef is bringing a dining experience to your home

A chef who made quite a name for himself locally in recent years has set out on a new venture.
Chef Marcel AcostoaieChef Marcel Acostoaie
Chef Marcel Acostoaie

Marcel Acostoaie was head chef at The Paper Mills in Wansford, which garnered glowing reviews among the dining out fraternity.

He was doing that and latterly juggling with his new venture until last month when he cut his ties with the gastro pub to concentrate on Private Chef Marcel.

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And the Romanian-born chef, who is much travelled and well-schooled in the kitchen hasn’t looked back.

“I enjoyed my time at The Paper Mills and I like to think in six-and-a half years I made quite an impression. But I reached the point in my career when I wanted to have my own business and do things for myself.

“It is something I thought about 10 years ago working in Edinburgh but it was just too much when trying to hold down a full-time job in a restaurant.

“Then earlier this year I told the owners what I intended to do.

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“They were happy for me to do it when The Paper Mills reopened after lockdown but eventually it got to the point where I had to say I would stay until they got a new chef sorted, and I left about a month ago.”

Marcel says the lockdown situation did have a part to play in his decision... or at least the timing.

“I think when people could not go out as much they started doing things at home and entertaining at home has always been popular. So instead of going to a restaurant they can have a restaurant-quality chef come to their home and cook for them.”

Despite Marcel’s undoubted prowess in the kitchen it is not just fine dining for a dinner party that he offers. Barbecues, spit roasts, canapes and buffets are all part of the service he has been providing, and so far the feedback has been very positive.

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“I am here to help with organising everything,” he added. “Helping you to choose a suitable a menu , guiding you through any dietary predicaments, shopping , cooking, serving and cleaning after, will all be part of the service.

​“To put it simply, I am offering a delicious and stress-free cooking and dining experience, in the privacy of your home or garden. “

You can find out more at