Nags Head pub, Eastrea proprietor Richard Owen with his Only Fools and Horses themed pub EMN-210622-154107009
Nags Head pub, Eastrea proprietor Richard Owen with his Only Fools and Horses themed pub EMN-210622-154107009

Lovely jubbly: Only Fools and Horses theme bar opens at a pub near Peterborough called the Nags Head

Only Fools and Horses superfan Richard Owen has turned the outside bar at his pub - the Nags Head of course - into a tribute to the show.

Saturday, 26th June 2021, 4:30 am

The converted container unit outside the pub in Eastrea, near Whittlesey, is now called Nelson Mandela House, where the Trotters lived in the sitcom, and is kitted out to look like the bar at Del Boy’s flat - with must-have pineapple ice bucket and cigar jar.

Outside is a replica yellow three-wheeler van, as used by Trotters Independent Trading co, complete with blow-up doll, and the marquee in the beer garden is called Peckham Place.

Richard, who admits to watching the episodes of the show every day, only took over at the freehouse last September and has been closed as much as he has been open.

“I got given a container to use as an outside and set about working on it during lockdown, ready for when we could have customers back but only outside,” said Richard, who runs the pub with partner Vicky Quinn, “I have always been a fan of the show and still watch it pretty much every day on Netflix. If I could I would show it on the big screen in the marquee.

“I got the idea of the theme just from my love of the show and having looked into it I don’t think there is another one in this country.

“I painted the container yellow then got the stickers of Del and Rodney, as Batman and Robin, and the van, cut them out and stuck them on.

“The bar itself is a similar theme to Del’s flat. I have the pineapple ice bucket, a similar cigar jar, replica wallpaper, two little chandeliers (a nod to the classic episode), ‘Trigger’s broom’ is on the ceiling and there’s a blow-up doll (another classic episode) behind the bar. There is loads of stuff.

“I decided to call it Nelson Mandela House, which is the name of the block of flats where the Trotters live, and the marquee - currently being used for showing England’s Euro 2020 matches - is Peckham Place, the street address.”

Richard’s love of all things OFAH even extends to owning and driving a three-wheel van synonymous with Del and Rodney’s escapades.

“It was black when I got it so I painted it yellow, of course,” he said. “There is a second doll that usually sits in the passenger seat unless I have a passenger and she goes in the back!”

As for the reaction?

“The pub itself inside is just what it has always been, a traditional, old local pub, but people think the outside stuff is great and it always a good subject for the odd joke,” Richard pointed out.

“We are on a main road and quite a lot of people stop because they have seen the three wheeler and the outside bar from the road.

“They quite often come into the car park, take some pictures, and drive off again.”

And his favourite episode?

“There are so many,” he said. “Chandeliers is one of the best, but they are all good. There are certain bits from lots of episodes that are just unforgettable moments.”

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