Dogs are making their mark at our weddings

There are many ways to include your dog at your wedding (photo: Adobe)There are many ways to include your dog at your wedding (photo: Adobe)
There are many ways to include your dog at your wedding (photo: Adobe)

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Dogs are playing a part in their owners’ weddings this summer – from inspiring decorations to walking them down the aisle.

Tying the knot can be a tricky affair especially when choosing who to invite but there are some guests couples would not be without, especially their dogs.

And with the huge number of pooches being taken on during the pandemic, many of those lockdown pups are now playing a key role during their owners’ big day.

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Across the UK, couples swapped weddings for four-legged friends during the pandemic when hundreds of thousands of weddings were postponed, and an estimated three million dogs were bought.

“It may be barking mad to people who don’t have a dog, but for those who do, you’ll know they’re part of the family,” said Lisa Forde, of wedding stationery firm Tree of Hearts. “And that means, of course, they need to be at the wedding.”

It’s thought 60 percent of UK households now have a furry member of the family since the pandemic.

“There are lots of ways couples involve their dogs, and other pets, into their big day and we just love seeing all of the innovative ideas people come up with,” said Lisa.

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“With International Dog Day around the corner (Friday, August 26), my team and I have pulled together our favourite ideas from our lovely Tree of Hearts brides.”

1. Dog of Honour

“Your dog is your best friend, right? So it makes sense for them to be by your side on the biggest day of your life. They could have a special collar for the day to match the bridesmaids' dresses.”

2. Table Numbers

“If your dog gets too excited, or your big day is overseas, why not include them in the wedding by having them as the table numbers. We’ve all got thousands of photos of our dogs already - so why not put them to good use.”

3. Dog-inspired cakes or biscuits

“Again, if you don’t want your dog with you physically on the day, pay homage to them with a sweet treat or wedding favours. Maybe dog-shaped biscuits or cake toppers?”

4. Pose for pictures

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“Speak to your photographer about setting time aside to take some dog-friendly shots. Maybe you can do a ‘first walk’ instead of a ‘first dance’.”

5. Create your own cocktails

“If your venue allows you to plan your own drinks, why not create a cocktail based on your furry friend? ‘Molly’s mojito’, ‘Archie’s Aperol spritz’ or ‘Bella’s Bellini’ to give you some inspiration.”

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