The brilliant Christmas tree was picked out by Richard from Warwickshire

Whittlesey town Christmas lights dazzle residents with their brilliant display

Whittlesey is shining bright with their dazzling Christmas Lights display, organised by their committee.

By Rosie Boon
Sunday, 28th November 2021, 4:59 am

In the town of Whittlesey, Santa Claus has come to town with their brilliant Christmas lights display which has brightened resident’s spirits.

The Whittlesey Christmas Lights committee has worked tirelessly this year to fundraise for this year’s display. With generous sponsorships from local Whittlesey businesses such as McCains who supplied the £1,200 Christmas tree, Whittlesey Town Council, biffa Waste services, Johnsons Aggregates, Saxon Works LTD and Storeys accident repair ltd.

Sadly the committee can’t hold a switch-on due to the different power supplies but despite that, the community praised the lights for being ‘the best yet’. 
Richard Exton, Chairman of Whittlesey Christmas Lights committee is proud of the community’s efforts this year to fundraise to keep the lights on. 
He said: “It’s gone really well and we’ve done a lot of new stuff this year. At times it was hard going but we got there thanks to Wayne for going the extra mile for us. 
“It would be nice for people to come and see them, it would be well worth it for people out of the town to come and enjoy them. Without the sponsorships it wouldn’t happen. The people of the town are amazing who collect throughout the year. It’s just a fantastic community.”

Wayne Gale, Director of Fenland Electrical Services has been putting up the brilliant light displays across the town for the last 15 years.

He said: “The Whittlesey Lights committee raise money every year and get sponsorships from local businesses to pay for the lights and upgrade them to be more energy efficient. We try to keep doing it every year and enhance them every year. We’ve been very lucky this year to have been given £5,000 in sponsorships.”

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