Chalky White with his "Punk" Bentley car.Chalky White with his "Punk" Bentley car.
Chalky White with his "Punk" Bentley car.

Never mind the paint job - Sex Pistols fan's album-inspired car is the absolute B*****ks

He is hoping the Pistols members will sign it one day

A Sex Pistols fan from Peterborough has achieved a ‘personal dream’ by getting his car vinyl wrapped in the style of the punk rock band’s iconic album.

Mark ‘Chalky’ White has spent around £50k on the convertible Bentley and all the work to make it look like the Never Mind The B*****ks album cover.

"What a waste of bloody money,” Chalky laughs. “But you only live once.”

Describing the car as a ‘pet project’, the 62 year-old shop fitter says he doesn’t take it out for a spin very often - but when he does, it certainly creates a stir.

"It’s mostly a favourable reaction,” he explains. “But I do get the odd comment online saying ‘that is not what punk is about!’ What these people don’t realise is I have worked hard to make my own personal dream come to fruition, so I don’t really bother with the rare negative comment.”

The motor even sports the private numberplate ‘JRO7TEN’ – in honour of Pistols’ front man John Lydon – AKA Johnny Rotten.

"The number plate I bought for it is off my mate’s taxi” said Chalky. “He used to run Mr Lydon around Leeds in it!”

Chalky got the paintwork done by a company in Peterborough, and even had the interior kitted out to match the album artwork. “I got the seats done in the album cover on yellow Napa leather to make them stand out,” he says.

"The plan was to get the four original band members to sign a seat each, though that may be impossible to do unfortunately. Never mind.”

Having met John Lydon in person a few times in the past at various shows, Chalky says he has so far been unable to entice the star to view his car in person.

"My Lyndon knows about my Bentley,” he says. “I went to watch him in Leeds and asked if he would come outside and see it, but he wouldn’t leave the comfort of the auditorium, which is fair enough.

“I’d like him to sign the car, but he’s not signing anything at the moment, which is a shame.”

Speaking about why he chose to create a car inspired by the punk rock album, he went on: “The Sex Pistols was my era. I’ve always followed them, their music and the rawness of it all seemed to reflect the things going on in the country at the time. A lot of people weren’t happy with how the country was going and they just took to punk rock as it was vibrant, and a bit different.”

The iconic album, which features the Pistols’ famous tracks Anarchy in the UK and God Save The Queen, was released in 1977. The band had gained a somewhat controversial reputation at the time, having famously swore during a live TV interview – while many record stores reportedly refused to stock the album due to the word ‘B*****ks’. Despite this, the album debuted at number one, later achieving platinum status.