Advice for motorists travelling with pets in hot weather

Motorists are reminded to keep an extra eye on their pets as temperatures rise (photo: Adobe)Motorists are reminded to keep an extra eye on their pets as temperatures rise (photo: Adobe)
Motorists are reminded to keep an extra eye on their pets as temperatures rise (photo: Adobe)

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Motorists reminded to keep an eye on their pets as temperatures soar

It looks like summer has finally arrived with temperatures predicted to exceed 30C in some parts of the UK.

With the Met Office predicting peak heat to be reached by Friday for many, daytrips and coastal jaunts beckon.

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But while many people will be out enjoying the sunshine, motorists are reminded to keep a vigilant eye on their pets in the heat.

"The hot weather has definitely been a long time coming so it's likely we'll see an increased footfall across our UK coastlines, parks and recreational areas this weekend," said Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at

"For motorists with pets, the decision to take them with us is always a popular choice. Our latest research found that nearly one in two (49 percent) of drivers travel with their four-legged friends, with dogs our most popular companion (68 percent).

"Our research found that three in 10 (30 percent) motorists have travelled more than 50 miles when with their pet, but the average motorists will only stop once during their journey.

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"When travelling, it's important to keep your pet cool so that they don't become unwell. You can do this by:

Keeping the air conditioning on

Putting the sunshade on the window to block some of the sun coming in

Crack the window a little for some breeze, but not so much that your pet can put their head out of the window

Let your pet drink lots of cool water on your scheduled stops

Get cool pads for your pet to sit on

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"It's also important to make sure that your pet is properly restrained when you travel, for the safety of all road users.

"You should also never leave your pets unattended in your vehicle, especially when temperatures soar.

"If you're travelling with pets this weekend, our guide on how to keep your pets safe while driving will help clear up any confusion, leaving you to plan a weekend in the sunshine."

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