The Voyager school building site.
The Voyager school building site.

Looking back: Peterborough school named after Star Trek ‘Voyager’ under construction

The Voyager School, now known at the Queen Katharine Academy, boasted a futuristic design when it was built as part of a major overhaul of secondary education in Peterborough.

Saturday, 14th August 2021, 5:45 pm

It was formed in an amalgamation of the former Walton and Bretton Woods secondary schools.

The first head teacher was Hugh Howe and the school opened its doors to pupils in 2007.

The pictures show the school being built and 11-year-olds Marcus Fairbairn, Fraser Sturgess and Levi Wright on the day the school opened.

When the school opened it included a display case featurning memorabilia from the Star Trek series also called Voyager with a message from actor Kate Mulgrew who starred as Captain Kathryn Janeway in the Star Tek Voyager series.

Following the school’s decision to form a new partnership with TDET in January 2017, it consulted with its members of staff and students on the ways that the new relationship and values could be embedded across the school.

A new brand that reflected the renewed ambition and positivity was considered the best way to start a new era for the academy and the school changed its name to the Queen Katharine Academy.

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