John Mansfield school pictured in 1983.
John Mansfield school pictured in 1983.

Looking back: Memories of Peterborough’s John Mansfield School

Education in Peterborough has been a hot topic for many years with the city’s performance frequently at the bottom of the national league tables.

Saturday, 17th July 2021, 4:56 am

As the city has grown therehave been many new schools opened and some older ones closed for good.

John Mansfield School in Dogsthorpe , was one thatclosed for good in a city-wide reorganisaton of secondary schools in 2007.

It opened in 1957 and was named after local councillor John Mansfield. It was originally an all-girls school for those who failed the 11-plus.

In 1981, it became a mixed school opened to all student from year 7 to post 16.

The school merged with Deacon’s Secondary School and Hereward Community College to form a new school,Thomas Deacon Academy

This week and next Looking Back spotlights the school and its pupils.

The picture (top) shows how the school looked in 1983.

The picture below that shows some happy pupils celebrating their GCSE results. Does anybody know what year that was?

The next picture shows the site on Western Avenue, being bulldozed to make way for new housing and pupils taking part in a poetry week.

Another picture shows fundraising pupil Josh Holdship, presenting £1,000 to Macmillan ancer Support in 2008.

Do you have any pictures of Peterborough people and places from the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s?

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