Looking Back: Long lost Peterborough streets

Trollope’s Corner, the old gas works, Central Printers, Queen’s Street before Queensgate and some old pubs you might remember!

With the help of these photos from Andrew Cole we are looking back at Peterborough streets in the 1970s, long since demolished to make way for road and retail development.

Central Printers and much of Queen’s Street was lost to the city centre redevelopment to create Queensgate shopping centre.

At the corner of Queen’s Street and Westgate stood “Trollope’s Corner” – named after the Edwardian department store where many school children obtained their school uniforms.

Who remembers the vacuum system for sending cash payments to the upper office?

The Liverymans Arms and the New Inn (in front of the old gas works) were both on St John’s Street, and both long gone.

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