Looking Back: Jan’s back at the Guildhall for some cake!

Jan pictured in 1980Jan pictured in 1980
Jan pictured in 1980
This week’s recreation picture from Chris Porsz is only half a reunion!

Chris said: “Jan Holdsworth was being fed cake by her boyfriend when I photographed her under the Guildhall in 1980.’’

Jan takes up the story: “I lived in Ramsey and used to get the bus into Peterborough every Saturday and hang out with friends.

"I had no idea the picture had been taken.”

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Jan back at The Guildhall in 2021Jan back at The Guildhall in 2021
Jan back at The Guildhall in 2021

Jan got married in 1986 and moved away from Ramsey, where she was born, to live in Peterborough.

She divorced in 2002 and moved to Southampton in 2006. She has been with her second husband, Kelvin Holdsworth, for 20 years and they got married in 2012.

Jan works in construction and has two sons and Kelvin has three children. Jan’s former boyfriend could not be found for the reunion but Jan returned all the way from Southampton in 2021 for the picture.

•Street photographer Chris Porsz’s unique reunion pictures – where he recreates pictures he took decades ago – has earned him international recognition.

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Back in 2009 the Peterborough Telegraph gave Chris his weekly column 'Paramedic Paparazzo' from which his 'Reunions' project was born when readers saw their pictures from decades ago. Most of his pictures feature Peterborough people and places and are often the result of painstaking detective work by Chris to track down his subjects.

His second book, Reunions II, is now available. Go to chrisporsz.com for purchase details.