Chris Porsz took this picture of Lesley Anne Gummer and her daughter Sarah in 1985.
Chris Porsz took this picture of Lesley Anne Gummer and her daughter Sarah in 1985.

Looking back: ‘From outside Andy’s Records in Peterborough to New Zealand and the US’

Chris Porsz’s new book Reunions II follows the same format of his acclaimed Reunions which saw him recreate pictures he took of Peterborough people decades ago.

By Nigel Thornton
Sunday, 5th December 2021, 3:45 pm

These pictures are featured in his new book. This is the story:

Sarah Hayes was sitting on her mum, Lesley Anne Gummer’s, knee in Bridge Street, Peterborough in 1985.

Lesley said: “This picture was taken of me and my first child Sarah outside Andys Records in Peterborough. I was waiting for my husband, who had been in the shop for ages and was wanting to go home.”

Since the photo was taken Lesley and Brian have had two more children, Jodie and Craig.

Lesley is a registered nurse and midwife and worked at both Peterborough and Hinchingbrooke maternity units. They emigrated to New Zealand in 2000 and now live in Wellington. They try to return to the UK every two years to visit family and friends.

She added: “Although my heart will always be in England, our thoughts were to give our children as much choice in their future as possible. New Zealand has been kind to us, we live near the sea in beautiful surroundings with a relaxed way of life.”

Sarah now lives in San Diego and is a fine arts photographer.

Chris had hoped to be able to recreate the photo of Sarah on her mum’s lap again but the coronavirus pandemic prevented travelling and the reunion photos had to be taken via Zoom.

She said: “I was around the age of four when this photo was taken of me curled up on my favourite person’s knee (my mum), waiting for my father who was in Andys Records.”

Sarah attended Hinchingbrooke School in Huntingdon and went on to study for a BA at The University of Chichester while her parents emigrated to New Zealand.

She joined them after university and whilst in New Zealand she met her husband, who was stationed there with the US Marines.

They moved to the US a few years later and now have two boys, Kai and Maxwell.

She said:“I miss my family dearly and the pandemic has made the distance increasingly difficult. I cannot wait to see my family again, either in the States or New Zealand.

“They will both be smothered with hugs.”

Chris will doing a book signing in the Salvation Army Superstore in Long Causeway, Peterborough, on Saturdays up until Christmas from 10am to 4pm.

Reunions 2 costs £20 plus p&p and is available from

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