Looking back: ‘Dutch plea over Peterborough man buried in town’s war cemetery’

Looking Back received a message from Theo Vervoort who lives in the town of Venray in the Netherlands.

Saturday, 9th October 2021, 3:45 pm
The grave of William Rippon in Venray.
The grave of William Rippon in Venray.

Theo is asking for help in tracking down a picture and any information about a Peterborough man buried in his town.

Theo said: “In our town is the Commonwealth Venray War Cemetery.

“On this Field of Honour is buried William Ewart Rippon.

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“During World War 2 William was war correspondent of the Petersborough Citizen and Advertiser, and sadly died of a car accident – the car he was incollided with a British tank.

“William died of wounds in the St Josephhospital in Venlo.

“After the war he got his last resting place in the Venray War Cemetery, with 691 other Commonwealth heroes.

“All the graves are adopted by local people, who visit their grave from time to time, pay their respect and bringing flowers.

“We won’t forget them. We want to give all the men an identity and a face. On behalf of a friend of mine who adopted William’s grave, I am still,looking of a photo of William and realtives. Can you please help me?’’

The only other information Theo has about William is that he died on March 16, 1945 and he was the son of the Rev John and Margaret Rippon and his wife was called Edith, all of Peterborough.

The PT has previously mentioned Mr Rippon and reported he had been with a party of provincial journalists who under a War Office scheme visited various battlefronts. It also stated that he was the editor of the Citizen and Advertiser.

It is wonderful to know that the people of Venray show such respect to this Peterborough man and it would be fantastic if we could help Theo with his quest.

If you have any information or a picture contact [email protected] and I will pass it on to Theo.