Looking Back: Colin from drinks salesman to builder

This week’s Reunion picture from photographer Chris Porsz features a father and daughter.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 5th August 2022, 8:28 am
Chris selling drinks in Cathedral Square
Chris selling drinks in Cathedral Square

Chris calls the pictures Lilt and Coke.

The orginal was taken in 1993 and the Reunion in May 2021

Colin Beeby was selling drinks and ice creams on Cathedral Square when he was photographed by Chris.

Chris with daughter Valentina

He said: “I worked there for three years.

"We would sell ice cream in the summer and jacket potatoes in the winter.”

Colin worked as a builder with his dad for many years and is now medically retired.

He lives in Market Deeping and was joined by his daughter Valentina for the reunion photo on Cathedral Square.

Street photographer Chris Porsz’s unique reunion pictures – where he recreates pictures he took decades ago – has earned him international recognition and features on television and in national newspapers and magazines.

Back in 2009 the Peterborough Telegraph gave Chris his weekly column 'Paramedic Paparazzo' from which his 'Reunions' project was born when readers saw their pictures from three decades ago.

Most of his pictures feature Peterborough people and places and are often the result of painstaking detective work by Chris to track down his subjects and then convince them to have their pictures taken again.

His second book, Reunions II, is available, go to chrisporsz.com for details.