Michael Ross aka Nobby.
Michael Ross aka Nobby.

Looking Back: A real Christmas tree, British Home Stores and Nobby

This week photographer Chris Porsz is searching for anybody who was in the picture taken in Cathedral Square.

By Nigel Thornton
Saturday, 28th November 2020, 5:44 am

It was taken on Christmas Eve in Cathedral Square in the early 80s.

Chris said: “Please contact me because after lockdown I would like to recreate the picture now we have a real tree again.”

As a sidenote does anybody remember the Frederick Morley shop in the background?

British Home Stores was a major store in Queensgate for many years and is the backdrop for the picture (below left).

Chris told me: “ Sadly the security guard and Simon Attwell with the red mohawk are no longer with us. BHS has gone but who was the lad in blue denims?”

Finally, Chris asks: “Everyone remembers Michael Ross aka Nobby pictured below putting dog ends in his baccy tin but who were the ladies walking past the Persil road show?

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