Final photos of Peterborough gasometer as industrial landmark is demolished

The Peterborough Telegraph has captured some of the final photos of the huge gasometer in the city as its demolition nears completion.

Sunday, 11th April 2021, 6:00 am

On Thursday (April 9) when these images were captured, just a small section of the gasometer was still standing, with the building set to be entirely gone by the end of the weekend.

The demolition marks a significant moment, given that the gasometer on Wellington Street is among the most recognisable sights in the city with the Coal Gas Works first built on the site in the 1870s.

The structure was formerly used to store gas but was no longer needed following improvements to the national gas network main that meant that gas could be stored underground instead.

The demolition has been carried out by National Grid’s contractor, Erith, with the project taking six months to complete.

It is part of National Grid’s wider UK scheme to bring its land back into beneficial use. Using innovative techniques, such as solar powered generators, to reduce any impact of the work on site neighbours, the plans were approved by Peterborough Borough Council and heritage recording of the gasholder has been undertaken.

As part of National Grid and Erith’s commitment to supporting the communities in which they work, the site team has been working with local organisations including the Peterborough Soup Kitchen. Members of Erith organised several food box collections to help feed people in need in the area.

Kevin Dawson, a trustee for the Peterborough Soup Kitchen, said: “We were delighted when National Grid and Erith approached us to see if there was any way they could help us feed hungry people in Peterborough. In such a difficult year for everyone, we are grateful that Erith could make this essential donation, and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

The project has also provided support to the Peterborough Environment City Trust’s Warm Homes Project and made a donation of computers to Bishop Creighton Academy.

Helen Reidy, Business Manager at Bishop Creighton Academy, said: “This is going to make such a massive difference to our children and their families.”

Gavin Craig, Erith’s Site Manager, added: “Whilst we’re working in the local area, it’s been really important to the team to support community initiatives, in a variety of ways. Working with these organisations has been a fantastic way to engage with the communities in which we’re working. Knowing that we are helping people in need in such a direct way has been very rewarding.”

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