Peterborough woman transforms her life by losing ten stones in two years

A Peterborough woman has transformed her life after losing ten stones in two years.

By Ben Jones
Sunday, 9th January 2022, 12:30 pm
Sian Varone. Before and after her transformation.
Sian Varone. Before and after her transformation.

After struggling with her weight since childhood, Sian Varone (31), a business development manager from Peterborough, has transformed her life after losing weight after starting at a Slimming World group at Werrington Sports Centre.

Believing she was destined to be overweight forever, Sian bravely decided to take control of her health and weight and embarked on a life changing weight loss journey. Now she says she has achieved so much more than she could ever imagined possible.

Siad said: “I’m fitter, I’m healthier and I’m happier. Losing weight means the world. Firstly, I wouldn’t be in the job I am; customer-facing having to wear business attire.

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“I am so much more confident. I believe in myself more and I have a better relationship with food.

“I’m much more educated and because of that can make better choices lifelong and not just for a short period of a “dieting phase”. I’ve found enthusiasm for exercise - I’m in a wonderful relationship with a personal trainer - a love we can now share together.

“I ran 10k for Cancer Research - fitness is something I am continuing to develop and I started my career as a business development manager. A job that needs confidence & resilience - something I never had before!

“Attending the group has made a huge difference. The support from the other members. Sharing your joy in reaching the next milestone each and every award but also on the not so great days or weeks being there to push you on to the next. Believing you can.

“It’s also great to share likeminded feelings, emotions and not feeling like you’re alone when you perhaps haven’t got the result you hoped for. We are all in it together!

“My advice for anyone looking to lose weight with Slimming World would be to try something new every week, even if it’s just one new recipe.

“Find passion for cooking, vary it up, but most importantly, believe you can. Believe you can eat things you always thought you couldn’t and don’t see it as a diet see it as a lifestyle change because it will change your life.

“I often get emotional talking about my journey because it stems from a young child and I’ll never forget the feeling of thinking I was meant to be overweight - it was how I was built, I just wish I’d done it sooner.

Sian’s success story comes as new research finds that the UK is facing a spiralling obesity crisis and increased mental health challenges.

Government figures suggest more than 40 percent of adults in England gained weight during the pandemic, with the average gain being half a stone (just over 4.1kg), while more than half of adults, 60 percent, and over two thirds of young people, 68 percent, said their mental health got worse during lockdown.

The UK’s first ever study of its kind, from the University of Lincoln, examinedhe relationship between weight control and mental toughness. It revealed that members of Slimming World groups didn’t just lose weight more successfully than a comparison group - they also significantly improved their mental toughness.

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