Peterborough as a whole: 1st dose 69.8% 2nd dose 63.3% Booster or 3rd dose 43.3%

Two areas of Peterborough where less than half residents have had a Covid jab

Latest figures show that Covid vaccination rates are climbing in the city but there are two areas where less than half of residents have had their first jab.

By Mark Edwards
Friday, 7th January 2022, 4:58 am

Peterborough as a whole has seen 69.8% of people have the first vaccine dose, 63.3% the second dose and 43.3% have had a booster or third dose.

The highest vaccination rates in the city are in the Glinton, Northborough & Maxey raea where 90.6% have had a first dose, 85.7% a second and 70.2% a third or booster.

The two areas of the city where less than half the population have had their first Covid jab are in the Central area and Millfield and Bourges Boulevard.

Yesterday (December 6) Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Peterborough to stress the importance of getting vaccinated.

He visited the Covid vaccination hub in Queensgate where he met staff and spoke about the importance of their work.

He also visited the Peterborough Telegraph’s office in Orton Southgate and in an interview in the newsroom urged residents who had not yet been vaccinated to get a jab. He said: “Everybody across Peterborough, wherever you are, whatever your hestitations or anxieties, now is the time to do it.

“The evidence is just overwhelming that this disease can be severe for people if they’re not vaccinated but if you are boosted your chances are far, far better.


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