Peterborough: 939 positive tests (-56 compared to the previous week) Rate: 463.3

The 13 Peterborough areas to see a drop in COVID cases in past week

The number of coronavirus cases in Peterborough is continuing a slow decline, with 13 of the 22 neighbourhoods seeing a drop in positive tests over the past week.

Wednesday, 3rd February 2021, 5:53 am

Latest data from the government shows that just seven neighbourhoods saw a rise in positive tests in the seven days up to January 28.

Two areas recorded the same number of positive tests as the previous week.

Overall, Peterborough saw a drop in positive tests, recording a total of 939 cases - down 56 compared to the previous week.

The overall rate for the city is 463.3 cases per 100,000 people.

The area with the highest number of positive tests was Fletton, with 68 cases. Fletton also had the highest rate with 691.1.

The biggest rise was seen in Orton West Castor, where the number of positive tests rose by 16 to 33.

The lowest number of cases was seen in Eye and Thorney, where 11 were recorded. Eye and Thorney also had the lowest rate in the city with 167.3

The biggest drop was seen in Hargate & Orton Longueville, which saw 18 fewer cases.

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