Vaccine take up rates in Peterborough remain low compared to much of the rest of the country

The 11 Peterborough neighbourhoods where 30 per cent of the population have not had a single COVID jab

Half of the neighbourhoods in Peterborough have a population where at least 30 per cent of residents have not had a single COVID jab.

Friday, 6th August 2021, 5:00 am
Updated Friday, 6th August 2021, 4:31 pm

Of the 11 areas where less than 70 per cent have had their first jab, three are below 60 per cent.

Overall, 69 per cent of adults in Peterborough have had at least one jab, while 54 per cent have had both jabs. The UK has seen 89 per cent of people have one jab, and 74 per cent have both.

Only one area of Peterborough - Glinton, Northborough & Maxey - is ahead of both UK rates.

Across Peterborough, less than half of the population aged between 25 and 29 have had one dose, and less than 60 per cent of all adults aged under 40 have had one dose.

Last week a spokesperson for Peterborough City Hospital said most COVID patients were now in the younger age groups.

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