Peterborough: 1st dose: 66% 2nd dose: 60%

Six out of ten Peterborough residents double jabbed - see how your neighbourhood is doing

Sixty per cent of residents in Peterborough have now had two COVID jabs to protect themselves - and others - against COVID.

By Stephen Briggs
Friday, 29th October 2021, 10:34 am

A total of 126,137 people have now been given their second jab in the city.

However, while the 60 per cent mark is a significant milestone, it is still behind the England rate of 70 per cent, and the UK rate of 79 per cent.

Three Peterborough neighbourhoods have a rate that is still below 50 per cent.

Only four of the 22 city neighbourhoods have a rate above the UK rate, and only nine have a take up rate above the rate for England.

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