Residents reminded they need to wear face coverings in hospitals and GP surgeries as COVID cases continue to rise

Residents are being reminded they need to continue to wear face coverings in hospitals and GP surgeries as COVID cases continue to rise in Peterborough.

By Stephen Briggs
Saturday, 26th March 2022, 9:45 am

Cases have been rising in Peterborough throughout March, and despite the Government relaxing restrictions around the virus, visitors to healthcare settings are being reminded they need to wear a mask (unless they are exempt.)

Whilst nationally wearing a face mask is no longer a rule but guidance for the public to follow, this is not the case in GP surgeries or hospitals. Wearing a face mask, unless exempt is still required.

Dr Anthony Gunstone, a GP in Ely, said, “Despite the easing of Covid restrictions the disease has not gone away. Every day there are people coming into GP practices and hospitals who have weak or compromised immune systems and they still need protecting. We urge you to think of other patients and staff who still need to be kept safe.”

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Similarly, local hospitals are also seeing people visiting their premises without a face mask. Nicola Ayton, chief operating officer for CUH said: “Controlling Covid infection in our hospitals remains a top priority as it reduces the risk to vulnerable patients and keeps our staff safe and able to carry out their day to day roles. This means mask wearing, social distancing and hand hygiene is vital for everyone coming in to our hospitals.

“In the last few weeks we have seen the number of patients with Covid rising. For CUH, the pandemic is not over and we urge everyone to continue to support and follow the rules on mask wearing in our hospitals.”

Visiting restrictions still apply across hospitals, with people advised to check the latest guidance before travelling to see their loved one.