Peterborough’s COVID rate dips below national rate for first time since start of second wave

Peterborough’s COVID case rate has dipped below the UK rate for the first time since the start of the second wave,

Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 9:27 am

Peterborough’s rate now stands at 21.3 cases per 100,000 people (as of May 26, the latest date statistics are available for on the government COVID database). The UK Rate is 28.6.

While the UK rate has been slowly rising, Peterborough’s rate is the lowest it has been since the second wave started in December. At the peak of the second wave, Peterborough’s rate was more than 523 cases per 100,000 people.

There were 32 cases in the seven days up to and including May 30 in Peterborough - in the previous seven days there were 52 cases.

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The last COVID related death in Peterborough (within 28 days of a positive test) was on April 16, with the previous death on March 25.

In total during the pandemic there have been 339 deaths in the pandemic in Peterborough (within 28 days of a positive test).

Peterborough’s rate of deaths within 28 days of a positive test remains lower than the UK rate - Peterborough’s stands at 167.6 per 100,000 people, while the UK rate is 191.3.

The number of patients being admitted to North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust (Peterborough City, Hinchingbrooke and Stamford and Rutland) remains very low - with just one person admitted to the trust’s hospitals in the past 10 days (up to May 23).

The number of people in the hospitals has remained steady, with seven COVID patients being treated by the trust. The number has not gone below six or above 12 since May 2,

The last reported date of a patient being in a mechanical ventilated bed in hospitals run by the trust was May 2.

However, while the news on the virus itself is largely positive, the vaccine data shows Peterborough is still lagging behind most of the UK.

A total of 55.2 per cent of people aged 18 and over in Peterborough have had one dose of the vaccine, compared to 74.8 per cent of the UK as a whole.

There is a similar picture when it comes to second doses, with 34.4 per cent of people aged 18 and over having had both doses in Peterborough, compared to 48.5 per cent in the UK as a whole.

A total of 179 people had their first jab on May 30 - the fourth lowest total in May.

A total of 321 people had their second jab on May 30 - the eighth lowest total in May

The day when most first doses were given out in Peterborough was January 22, when 2,761 people had the first jab.

The day when the most second doses were given out in Peterborough was April 8, when 2,697 people had the second jab.

In total, 104,055 have now had their first jab and 64,793 have had their second (up to May 30).