Peterborough City Hospital focus switches away from COVID as city rates fall

Staff at Peterborough City Hospital have been able to switch their focus away from COVID patients as the number of patients with the virus in the hospital has fallen.

Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 6:00 am

COVID rates in Peterborough have fallen to their lowest levels since the start of the second wave of the pandemic last year, and the number of patients with the virus in hospitals run by the North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust - which includes Peterbroough City Hospital, has also dropped.

The number of patients being admitted to the trust’s hospitals (Peterborough City, Hinchingbrooke and Stamford and Rutland) remains very low - with just one person admitted to the trust’s hospitals in the past 10 days (up to May 23).

The number of people in the hospitals has remained steady, with seven COVID patients being treated by the trust. The number has not gone below six or above 12 since May 2,

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Peterborough City Hospital. EMN-210423-163820001

The last reported date of a patient being in a mechanical ventilated bed in hospitals run by the trust was May 2.

This means staff have been able to switch focus to patients awaiting other treatment.

Phil Walmsley, Chief Operating Officer for North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, said: “I want to thank all of our staff for their exceptional hard work and dedication during these challenging circumstances. We are really pleased to see that we have a minimal number of patients with Covid-19 in our hospitals.

“This enables us to focus our attention on our patients who are awaiting treatment, which has been delayed due to the pandemic.”

However, despite the low rates, visitors and patients are being urged to stick to social distancing rules to keep people save.

Mr Walmsley said; “We really need the help from the public to ensure that we are able to maintain this by following national guidance on social distancing and mask wearing as well as supporting our NHS by using our Emergency Departments for urgent and emergency situations.

“We have seen an increase in attendances to our Emergency Departments and whilst some patients do need to be there, some patients should seek alternative treatment by utilising their local pharmacy, GP surgery or calling NHS 111 for advice.”