Orton Wistow Halls the Chemist Covid-19 vaccination clinic. Sanjay Adatia administering jabs.

New figures rank areas of Peterborough according to percentage of over 70s who have received Covid vaccine

Over 20,000 over 70s in Peterborough have received at least their first Covid vaccination, the Office for National Statistics has revealed.

The figures show that 20,709 over 70s in Peterborough had received at least their first jab as of February 21.

The area of the city with the most given out is Orton West and Castor (1,569), 105 percent of the area’s estimated population.

The lowest percentage take-up is in Central park, where just 79 percent (655) over 70s have had their first jab, with the highest being Eye and Thorney, where 116 percent (1,082) of the estimated population have had their first dose.

All numbers of those vaccinated are compared against population estimates, therefore, some areas are shown to have more than 100 percent of residents vaccinated. This is because of possible inaccuracies in population estimates according to the ONS.

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