Cavell Centre in Peterborough applies for new fencing to prevent 'contraband' being smuggled into mental health bedrooms

The fencing is specially designed to be aesthetically appealing and calming.

By Ben Jones
Sunday, 15th May 2022, 10:05 am
The Cavell Centre at Bretton Gate.
The Cavell Centre at Bretton Gate.

The Cavell Centre in Peterborough has made an application for new 4.2m high fencing to prevent the smuggling of ‘contraband’ into the rooms of its mental health inpatients.

The Cavell Centre, based on the Edith Cavell Healthcare campus at Bretton Gate, has seven inpatient units, providing mental health care as well as specialist learning disability services.

The unit is run by Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, which has submitted the application for new ‘Britplas’ fencing to the left of the main entrance.

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The placement of the fencing around the mental health inpatient rooms has been “proposed near the Cavell Centre main entrance to stop contraband being smuggled into adult mental health bedrooms."

The Britplas fencing is already used elsewhere on the campus and is widely used for securing mental health unit buildings and outdoor areas.

It is designed to be anti-climb and prevents unauthorised items being passed through the mesh.