Peterborough secondary school wins international award

A Peterborough school has won an international award.
Ormiston Bushfield AcademyOrmiston Bushfield Academy
Ormiston Bushfield Academy

Ormiston Bushfield Academy,has received a British Council International School Award, which recognises the school’s commitment to international teaching and learning.

The academy has worked hard to help students build up their understanding of other cultures and languages. A link with St Josef’s International School in Denmark has enabled them to establish relationships with the students there, giving them the chance to communicate and debate with their Danish counterparts.

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Opportunities are found both across the curriculum and beyond it to look at different cultures in a multitude of contexts. Science classes have considered how learning different languages affects your brain coding, whilst music students are taught about the instrumental traditions of various countries. During festivities like Halloween and Christmas, the school takes the time to look at how these events are celebrated around the world.

International teaching is also about taking action to make the world a better place, and students at Ormiston Bushfield Academy have been taking part in extracurricular activities like Fairtrade and the Eco Club as they strive to do their bit. Teachers have taken care to embed this practice into their lessons too, running science projects that highlight issues around ocean waste and greenhouse gases.

Dennis Kirwan, Principal at Ormiston Bushfield Academy said: “I’m very proud that our academy has achieved the British Council International School Award. As a school, we put a big emphasis on learning from and understanding other cultures; we believe that’s how our students ultimately grow to become kind and thoughtful individuals who see themselves as part of a bigger picture. This award will inspire us to keep pushing to make this an ever more central part of school life.”