Former BMX World Champion performs daring jump over staff and delivers inspiring message to Peterborough primary school

A former BMX World Champion visited a Peterborough primary school last week (May 5) to show off his skills, which included jumping over three teachers, but also to deliver an important message about resilience to pupils.

Mike Mullen performs a BMX jump over three members of staff.
Mike Mullen performs a BMX jump over three members of staff.

Last week, Mike Mullen former World Amatuer Champion and six-time UK Halfpipe Champion, from the BMX Academy paid a visit to Heritage Park Primary School on Park Farm Way.

As a BMX rider, Mike learned to face fear and failure on a regular basis and how to build resilience and manage nerves under pressure.

As a result of this life experience, along with his 10 years spent as an athlete mentor, he now regularly carries out work in schools to support children to develop their growth mindset and resilience through BMX skills. He also runs workshops on managing exam stress and anxiety and improving behaviour.

Mike Mullen performs some of his BMX skills.

Mike started the day with a whole school outdoor assembly, which included him showing the children a range of BMX tricks that he has been able to achieve through his hard work over the years. For the assembly finale he even used a ramp to help him jump over three of the staff.

Throughout the rest of the day, Mike worked with the year 5 and 6 classes and helped them to learn a range of tricks, such as standing on the bike as they rode round, but most importantly, that perseverance and resilience are important and worthwhile skills to possess.

Headteacher Karen Bell said: “The children had a brilliant day and amazed themselves with how much they managed to achieve.

“The feedback has been so positive, so many of our parents informed me that their child came home asking for their own BMX after this amazing experience!

“I think as many schools in Peterborough as possible should experience what Mike’s assemblies have to offer.”