Baby sign language businesses in Peterborough learns to adapt during lockdown

Helping isolated mums bond with their babies is worth the effort, says Kursty

Sunday, 28th June 2020, 6:30 am

For baby signer Kursty Morrison, TinyTalk has proved a lifeline for isolated parents.

The baby sign language business serves north Peterborough, Stamford and Oundle - and, like everyone else, has had to adapt during lockdown.

Kursty, who has now moved her sessions into e-classes on Facebook, said: "I only started this business last September, therefore, the lockdown has been a test of balance, in time and patience.

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Kursty Morrison, from TinyTalk

"Moving to e-classes has been an adjustment, but if I can reach out to a few mums and help make them feel less isolated and give them happiness and treasured bonding time with their babies, it's worth it."

Kursty is herself deaf - a rarity for a sign language teacher - and is really protective of the language, having experienced her own setbacks.

She said: "There are many memories at school of being left out of things, the tests and returning to school after operations.

"I can remember crying in year 6, because I couldn't do the tests. I couldn't hear in assemblies, it sounded like a train coming in and out and my speech was awful.

"I got bullied for stuttering and I found school a hard place to be. I don't want other children going through the emotions and situations I did."

Kursty - who can now sing and is classically trained on the piano - is keen for as many children to learn to sign before they reach reception.

She added: "I wish I had been taught sign language as a child. Having around eight different operations, it would have changed my perception of schooling.

"Signing is not only about inclusion; building the gap between worlds of the hearing and hearing impaired, but also providing babies with a voice whilst they are learning to speak."

Running classes in lip-reading and vibration has been challenging, says the determined mum, but worth it.

"My families have been amazing about it. Raising that awareness is the best way of helping parents see sound and speech in a different way."

For more details about Kursty's TinyTalk e-classes, head over to Facebook here