Sacked Peterborough postman protests outside Royal Mail delivery office over ‘unfair dismissal’

A postman sacked after 29 years has taken to protesting outside a Royal Mail delivery office over what he claims is an ‘unfair dismissal’.

Paul Dixon outside the Royal Mail depot
Paul Dixon outside the Royal Mail depot

Paul Dixon (53) claimed he was let go last week over allegations of assaulting and threatening a senior colleague, which he strenuously denies.

In response the dad of three, who delivered mail in Orton Wistow, has taken to standing on the pavement outside Royal Mail's office in Newcombe Way, Orton Southgate, for hours at a time holding a sign which reads "sacked unfairly".

He said: “I have got a clean record and never had any problems. I liked the job and was expecting to stay. Now I’m worried about my pension.

Paul Dixon outside the Royal Mail depot

“I’m appealing against this, and if that fails I’m going to a tribunal.”

Paul has now found part-time work, but he said he cannot afford a solicitor and is worried about paying his mortgage.

On his protest, he said: “I’ve had a little bit of support from the public. But I’m not sure how long I will be able to keep on with this.”

The alleged incident which resulted in Paul being let go is said to have taken place shortly before Christmas.

Paul said he had been suspended on full pay for three months before being sacked last week, but he continues to maintain his innocence and claims not to have been in contact with his co-worker on the day of the alleged incident.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “Royal Mail can confirm that a postman from the Peterborough area has been dismissed following an internal investigation into allegations of gross misconduct. This is now subject to internal procedures and as such we wouldn’t comment any further on this case.”