Sandra Jose with her fish stall.

Peterborough Market: New indoor foodhall gets up and running ahead of schedule

The Food Hall opened one day ahead of schedule after a June opening was announced.

By Ben Jones
Friday, 3rd June 2022, 5:01 am

The new Food Hall that serve as part of the Peterborough market has now relocated to Bridge Street and even opened a day ahead of schedule.

The doors were opened of the first time on Tuesday (May 31), when the date initially circulated for the grand opening was June 1.

This meant an extra day of trade for POP Fishmongers, JP Butchers and Woodland Butchers, who have all been on a paid holiday since the old Northminster market closed on April 1.

The opening of the new indoor hall, which is in the former Customer Contact Centre, precedes the arrival of the rest of the traders in new wooden gondolas outside along Bridge Street. These were also set to open in June but this has been delayed by a national wood shortage according to the council.

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