Peterborough couple get ‘huge shock’ as they open bag of cat litter infested with bugs

Helen Thorpe and husband Mo received the shock of their lives when they opened a bag of cat litter to discover a swarm of bugs living inside.  
Bugs came pouring out of the bag.Bugs came pouring out of the bag.
Bugs came pouring out of the bag.

The couple, who live in Oundle Road, were confronted with the problem on Tuesday (October 27) when they opened the bag they had been delivered earlier in the month as part of their subscription with Amazon.

The litter was for their two cats Morty, who is a rag doll and Bonnie, a British black short hair. Upon opening the bag, the insects which resembled flees and ticks flew out of the bag into their home.

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Helen said: “We were both standing there in shock, Mo opened it first and he didn’t want me to come into the room as he knows I have a big phobia of bugs.

Mo and Helen Thorpe.Mo and Helen Thorpe.
Mo and Helen Thorpe.

“It makes it worse knowing that it had been there in our airing cupboard for a couple of weeks and, because of the noise, we couldn’t hear them all crawling around inside like when we took it out. Obviously if we would have known, we’d have gotten it out sooner. You just don’t expect something like this from a big trusted company that makes millions though.

“I have no idea how they got there, we checked the area it was stored in and there were no signs of any bugs or a split in the bag.

“The whole situation was very unpleasant, disgusting and really unacceptable. We had to act fast and get it out of the house as soon as we could. At the minute, it’s in our bin covered in bin liners, how do you throw away a load of bugs? “Even the day after I was still itching and I’m worried about how many got out and are still in the house breeding, I’ve never seen so many bugs in one place.

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“I was freaking out and I’m now scared to open any packages we get, what if the next one is filled with spiders?

One of the couple's catsOne of the couple's cats
One of the couple's cats

“We’ve been in touch about a refund but we haven’t had any luck so far and they even told us at one point that we wouldn’t be getting one until we sent the product back to them, I’m not sure they really want that.

“I work part time as a music teacher so I am off this half term but am really upset that it’s taken all day to try and sort this situation and it has put a downer on the holidays.

“The pictures don’t really show the full extent of how bad the situation is and I’m really keen to warn other people who might have something similar just lying around in their homes.”

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