October's Comedy Club  at The Cresset
October's Comedy Club at The Cresset

10 good reasons to have a laugh in Peterborough this year

Most people would agree that after the year we have had, it would be nice to have something to laugh about in Peterborough.

Sunday, 21st March 2021, 6:12 am

Luckily, The Cresset, at Bretton, is doing something about it with outstanding stand-up planned for the rest of 2021.

There are some big names – and Peterborough favourites – coming to the stage, not to mention the city’s oldest comedy club kicking things off in May with a Bank Holiday bonanza with shows on both May 28 and 29 .

The Cresset Comedy Club has been a popular choice for comedy fans across the city since it began back in 1998, and has played host to some of the UK’s biggest comedians as they toured the circuit before becoming household names – Russell Howard, at The Cresset later this year, is one of those who cut his teeth at the Bretton venue.

In October The Cresset staged a socially-distanced version of the event; relocating to the main auditorium (from one of the suites) to allow plenty of space between tables, and with excellent safety measures in place.

While they hoped to follow this up with more events in November and January, restrictions meant this was impossible, and so they’re looking forward to a triumphant return in May.

Penny Hansen, head of Cresset commercial activities, said “Our October Comedy Club was so much fun. It was sold out and the audience were fantastic, so we’ve been dying to get another one in the diary.

“For all the staff, the audience, and the comedians on stage it was an absolute joy to be at a live event, and so with the end of the pandemic hopefully in sight we expect the May events to be pretty special as people really want to celebrate, and have a good laugh!”

Looking beyond the Comedy Club, she added: “It’s a cracking comedy line up at The Cresset this autumn, and we’re thrilled to be welcoming so many top class acts back to the city.

“As well as acts that have postponed from 2020 there’s new shows on sale, so it’s a really packed programme, and there’s more to come in 2022.

“I think after the year we’ve had people really need a laugh, and we definitely think of The Cresset as the home of comedy in Peterborough so we’re looking forward to getting going again!”

So who is there to look forward to?

Jimmy Carr

Terribly Funny (June 23) is Jimmy’s brand new show and it contains jokes about all kinds of terrible things. 

Terrible things that might have affected you or people you know and love.But they’re just jokes – they are not the terrible things.Having political correctness at a comedy show is like having health and safety at a rodeo, according to Jimmy, a regular at The Cresset down the years and best known on TV for 8 Out Of 10 Cats. Over-16s only.

Russell Howard

Respite is TV favourite Russell’s new show and Penny is thrilled to have been able to rebook his cancelled performances this year for July 25-27.

“I am thrilled to have been able to get that into this year – with it being four performances and with Russell having a hectic TV schedule it was a bit of a challenge. But we’re delighted his fans won’t have long to wait.”

Russell appeared at the comedy club back in 2006.

Following the critically-acclaimed sold out arena leg of his tour ‘Respite’, Russell returns with his biggest globe-spanning stand-up tour to date. Riding high on the success of his Sky One show The Russell Howard Hour, and his global smash Netflix special Recalibrate, Russell is back on stage where he belongs, making sense of a world that’s spinning out of control. Over-16s only.

Roy Chubby Brown

The Roy Chubby Brown Show comes to The Cresset on September 3.

 After 50 years in show business  Chubby has proven himself time and time again.

Another comic who is no stranger to The Cresset, he has released 30 DVDs in 30 years, performed 2,000 plus live shows worldwide, written four books and countless original songs and gained millions of fans during his career which is testimony to the fact that he is Britain’s King of Comedy.

David Baddiel

Trolls: Not The Dolls (September 15) - is the follow up to David’s acclaimed shows Fame: Not The Musical, and Olivier-nominated My Family: Not The Sitcom.

Trolls: Not The Dolls looks at the terrible people who spend all day insulting and abusing strangers for no other reason than to fill the huge gaps in their souls.

There is a common wisdom about how to deal with trolls: don’t, for goodness sake, encourage these people by replying to them.

It’s a good law. And it’s one that David Baddiel has consistently broken. Because David has always seen trolls as hecklers, and if a comedian gets heckled, it is their duty not to ignore the heckler, but to wittily put them down.

Over the years, David has spent a lot of time doing this, which has led him to think that there might be a show in it: A show that would say something about how we live now.

David has stories to tell, of the dark, terrible and hysterically absurd cyber-paths that interacting with trolls has led him down. Come with him on this comedy journey into our culture’s most dank virtual underground. You will come back safe, more able to deflect your own trolls, and only a little bit soiled.

Ed Byrne

Coming to The Cresset on September 23 as part of the tour extention of Ed Byrne – If I’m Honest...

Join Ed as he takes a long hard look at himself and tries to decide if he has ANY traits that are worth passing on to his children.

Since storming the Edinburgh Festival in 2019, this masterclass in observational comedy has been filling venues across the country.

Chris Ramsey

20/20 (October 24) is Chris’ brand-new stand-up show, rescheduled to 2021.

Having filled venues across the country including The Newcastle Metro Arena (twice) don’t miss your chance to catch him live on stage while you can.   

His stand-up special ‘Approval Needed’ is available to stream on Amazon Prime now and alongside his wife Rosie he is also the co-host of the no.1 hit podcast Sh****d. Married. Annoyed. Downloaded a phenomenal 43 million times to date, Chris and Rosie won the Global Award’s Best Podcast Award, and British Podcast Award Listeners Choice in 2020, their brand new book launched in autumn 2020 reaching number one on both Amazon and the Sunday Times Best Seller charts.

Milton Jones

Milton: Impossible (October 26). One man. One mission. Is it possible? No, not really.

Complete with his unique style and eccentric shirts, household favourite and one-liner king Milton Jones will reveal the truth behind having once been an international spy, and then being given a somewhat disappointing new identity which forced him to appear on Mock The Week (BBC Two), Live At The Apollo (BBC One), Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow (BBC One) and even headline on Dave’s One Night Stand (Dave).

This is a love story with a twist, or at least a really bad sprain. Every man has his price: Like Sainsburys, where good food costs less.Is it all just gloriously daft nonsense, or is there a deeper meaning?

Kevin Bloody Wilson

In a world almost drowning in a tsunami of political correctness, Kevin Bloody Wilson (October 27) stands out as a beacon for PC Pushback.

Considered ‘The World’s Funniest Australian’, Kevin Bloody Wilson is as dry and rough as his Outback heritage.His latest stage performance FUPC spotlights political correctness for what it is and how he sees it…a joke!Kev’s 20 Albums of self-penned Bawdy Ballads have generated millions of sales and his global legion of fans have elevated Kev to rock star status.Seeing Kev live is something not only guaranteed to have you belly laughing at topics and subject matter you’re not supposed to be laughing at, but also something to tick off your bucket list! Social Justice Warriors and PC advocates are invited to stay home.


See German Comedy Ambassador Henning Wehn give everything a good rinse and witness him wring sense out of the nonsensical in his new show It’ll All Come Out In The Wash (October 31).

Henning has no agenda, he just happens to be always spot on.

Jason Manford

He’s back - with a new show Like Me (Novemver 10).

It’s been a busy few years for Jason since his last smash-hit stand up show but fans of his Absolute Radio show will know this nationally acclaimed comedian hasn’t changed a bit. 

Jason says: “After the fun we had on my last tour Muddle Class (which played at Peterborough Arena), I’m excited to get back on the road with my new stand up show, Like Me.

“In these trying times it’s always important to be able to get away for a couple of hours and exercise the old chuckle muscle! So I’m coming to a venue near you in 2021 so we can have a good laugh together. See you then.”

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