Thought-provoking exhibition opens at Peterborough Cathedral

The Journey exhibition at Peterborough Cathedral.
The Journey exhibition at Peterborough Cathedral.
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An exhibition of textile art has opened at Peterborough Cathedral to help visitors to look afresh at the Easter Story.

“The Journey” is a series of sewn, embroidered, photo printed and appliqué panels made by the artist Jacqui Frost. They use dramatic combinations of hand-sewn words, everyday objects and familiar pictures to help the viewer to think about Jesus’ journey to his crucifixion.

“The exhibition is based on the traditional Christian ‘Stations of the Cross’, a series of pictures showing the events of Christ’s final hours which can be used in meditation and prayer,” said Jonathan Baker, Canon Missioner at Peterborough Cathedral.

“But you don’t need to know that to find something of interest here. I would encourage anyone to pop in and have a look at these thought-provoking images.”

The exhibition was commissioned by the Deo Gloria Trust especially for display in cathedrals. It will be on show in Peterborough Cathedral throughout Lent, right up until Easter Monday, April 6.

Admission is free and visitors are welcome whenever the Cathedral is open (except whilst a service is in progress).

For more details visit or call 01733 355315.