Brad Barnes and family enjoyed a day out at Wicksteed ParkBrad Barnes and family enjoyed a day out at Wicksteed Park
Brad Barnes and family enjoyed a day out at Wicksteed Park

There’s still a great day out to be had at Wicksteed park

It’s been a couple of years since I last paid a visit to Wicksteed Park, a place that his been a firm favourite with generations of Peterborough families.

There were some worrying times, I know, during lockdown but the Kettering park survived and I have to say is still as popular as it ever was.

On our last day out there my then four-year-old was enthralled with the play park and the zones with the somewhat calmer rides.

This time round, now six and with her eight-year-old sister at her side, it was a case of anything goes.

Yes, they both had a little run around on the park as we arrived before the rides were switched on (10.30am).

But as soon as the carousel burst into life, they were off. And the beauty of it is they were old, tall and brave enough for each and every ride in the park, pretty much without me or mum having to join them.

That is not to say we didn’t get swept away by their excitement and join in, it just wasn’t compulsory!

Pre-lunch saw them cover every inch of the heritage zone –- including the sway away ride which looked too high and fast at first sight but they lapped it up – and the adventure zone with the Clown Coaster, Cups and Saucers, Lighthouse, Mini Jets and Rockin’ Tug rides all visited numerous times. And with queueing at a minimum that wasn’t a problem.

Buying lunch from one of the many outlets was straightforward enough – we didn’t fancy lugging around a picnic bag – and there is loads of room to sit and eat in peace.

The afternoon was spent chasing a few more thrills in the thrill zone after a bit of a soaking on the water chute – the oldest of its type in Britain, and one of the oldest in the world. Very popular it was too, but even so the queue was only about 20 minutes.

I don’t know what the plans are for this part of the park but it would have been nice on a decent sunny day to have enjoyed more of the water.

Donna and one of the girls were up for another cooling down – this time on the Rocky River Falls in the Thrill Zone - while we all enjoyed the rest of the rides – an old favourite The Paratroopers and the Dinosaur Valley which really got the adrenaline going and reminded me that going round and round, up, up and down at high speed is something best left to my younger thrillseekers.

The brand new Galaxy Invader ride, which only opened last month, was quick enough, high enough but a lot smoother ride for me. It was very popular and it is easy to see why. A great addition to the park.

And we finished the day off with a gentle train ride around the whole park, getting a great view of everything on offer.

The children’s wristbands (to use all the rides) cost £20 but we worked out they had more than 20 each – so it worked out at less than £1 a ride. Incredible value.

With another month before they go back to school, chances are we will be back again real soon.