Peterborough pub increases security and urges customers to follow guidelines after premature closure this week

A Peterborough pub will be increasing security and has urged customers to respect Covid-19 guidelines after taking the decision to close early this week.

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 5:00 am
Posh fans gather outside the Weston Homes Stadium on Tuesday (April 27).
Posh fans gather outside the Weston Homes Stadium on Tuesday (April 27).

On Tuesday (April 27), a large number of Peterborough United fans visited Charters Bar on Town Bridge in the hope of celebrating Posh’s promotion to the Championship, which could have been sealed with a win over Doncaster.

Posh, however, fluffed their lines by giving away a two goal lead to draw 2-2 and there was extra disappointment for same fans after the riverside pub took the decision to close at around 8pm due to a lack of social distancing. This led to a large number of these fans deciding to move on and gather outside the Weston Homes Stadium instead.

The owners, who are in the process of extending the garden to give the site more space, insist that the decision was taken out of caution and with the safety of all customers and staff in mind.

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Charters Bar.

They insist that they are keen to welcome Posh fans again on Saturday, when the next chance for promotion comes around, but have asked them to be mindful of the current government guidelines. Extra security staff will also be on duty to help with this.

Tracey Williams, from the Oaka Group which owns Charters, said: “We want to stress that there was nothing bad that happened, it was a very excitable night where Posh could have secured promotion.

“Nobody was misbehaving but we were trying to respect the regulations that we need to follow. The fans were all in good spirits and it was a celebration of being back together and enjoying the football.

“We’re very much a destination for Posh fans and we like them coming to us and enjoying the game, it’s part of who we are and what we are but safety is our number one concern and we were being cautious. With reopening, we’re all aware that we have to try and keep everyone safe and stick to the guidance. “It’s a new world for all of us at the moment, it’s about finding how we can enjoy being together and celebrating together but at the same time, respect the Covid-19 government guidelines. We’re trying to provide the environment where people can do that and we’re very aware of our responsibility to help people enjoy themselves but at the same time, keeping everybody safe.

“The fans were enjoying the match and enjoying all being together and it was great to see everybody out, we very much like the football fans coming to us and enjoying the game together and

“The safety of everyone is our number priority and as a result customers may see some extra security on Saturday and we ask them to please be mindful of Covid-19 guidelines.

“We are very much looking forward to welcoming the fans all on Saturday so we can all enjoy the match together and hope Posh secure the promotion to the Championship which they deserve.”